Desktop Khalifa Stadium

Starts From QAR 10,009.00

An ultramodern stadium that honours the past. The most recognisable features of the arena were always its dual arches, sweeping across the skyline and acting as a magnet for football fans. These icons remain, but there is now a wide canopy stretching out below them, complementing the stadium’s cooling system to maintain a comfortable temperature for fans.

Al Hirfa proudly offers model of Khalifa International stadium exclusively from Qatar sand using epoxy sandcasting technology. An Environment-friendly gift to cherish the memories of FIFA WorldCup 2022.

Sample Customization Offered

1. Insert your own logo
2. Text, ceremonial eulogies
3. All made of Qatar Sand
4. Stadium in Qatar Sand and surrounding with standard modeling
5. Optionally could be 3d printed for a cost effective option

Shipping Weight 9000 g
Dimensions (L × W × H) 44 × 32 × 14 cm
Material Qatar Sand + Epoxy Resin + Acrylic + Wood
Return & Cancellation

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