Residential Water Saver System

Decorative image showcasing the importance of water conservation

Preserving the planet starts with conserving our most precious resource – water. At Synaptic Vanguard, we believe that every drop counts, and our innovative water conservation solutions are designed to help households and businesses alike reduce their water usage and lower their environmental impact.

The Residential Water Saver System is an innovative water conservation product designed for homes and small households, offering a comprehensive solution to reduce water usage and lower water bills. The system includes a greywater recycling system and a smart water meter, working together to conserve water and reduce overall consumption.

The greywater recycling system collects and treats wastewater from sinks, showers, and washing machines, making it available for non-potable activities such as flushing toilets, watering plants, and cleaning floors. The smart water meter provides real-time data to the homeowner, enabling them to monitor and adjust their water consumption habits accordingly. 


The Residential Water Saver System is easy to install, eco-friendly, and customizable to fit specific household needs. It’s an effective solution that not only helps conserve water but also reduces the strain on public water supplies, helping preserve the environment. 

Join us in the effort to create a sustainable future, one drop at a time.

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