Automated Disinfecting System

Decorative image showing disinfecting of hands
Need for Automated N95 Mask Disinfection

Disinfecting is crucial in preventing the spread of infectious diseases by eliminating harmful microorganisms. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the importance of disinfection to prevent the spread of the virus. 

The shortage of N95 face masks, which are essential for protecting healthcare workers and essential personnel from airborne particles, has created environmental concerns due to the increased demand for disposable masks and the resulting waste generated by their disposal. The high cost of disposable masks has made it difficult for organizations to procure sufficient quantities, leading to a shortage of protective equipment for workers.

Introducing our N95 Automated Disinfecting System (ADS) – the latest innovation in recycling N95 masks using ultraviolet C (UVC) technology, combined with computer vision, machine learning, and robotics for an automated loading and unloading system. Our ADS minimizes human interaction, reduces the risk of infection, and increases the lifespan of each mask.

Our vision-based loading system, powered by computer vision and machine learning, ensures that only clean and undamaged masks are recycled, reducing waste and increasing the lifespan of each mask. With the incorporation of robotics, our ADS addresses the shadow effect of UVC radiation and disinfects every part of the mask, making it reusable and reducing the risk of infection.

Our ADS is designed to inspect each mask for damage or uncleanliness and adjust the UVC irradiation intensity based on the number of times each mask has been used. The mist spray system incorporated in our system disinfects the mask holding pins and the mask straps that come into contact with the pins, further reducing the risk of infection.

Our Cartesian robotic actuator picks up each disinfected mask and places it on the conveyor, which moves it to the press punching system.The press punching system keeps the mask in a folded orientation and packs it in a used Bopp film, making it ready for delivery.

Our N95 ADS is an innovative and efficient approach to recycling N95 face masks, designed to address the problem of mask shortages while reducing the cost and environmental impact of disposable masks. Contact us today to learn more about how our N95 Automated Disinfecting System, which leverages robotics, machine learning, and computer vision, can benefit your organization with cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions.