Our Story

The first lab I made was in 1985 at the young age of 9. Located in the storage area on top of our kitchen at 2 meters high, it was an enclosed space where you could barely fit a 3-seater sofa. My father helped me to tie three discarded tires to climb up there, one of the many moments of active encouragement of my curiosity and passion. My first project was a DC fan to beat the heat in that closed space. The motor was re-purposed from my younger brother’s broken toy car.

Since then, as I grew up, my lab changed dimensions, steadily but surely got larger. Now, it is 144 square meters and 7-meter high. Through these labs, we have conceptualized, designed, prototyped, and brought to market our innovative solutions. We have completed many projects in the US, Canada, Qatar, and Bangladesh. Always focusing on recycling, re-usability, efficiency, and sustainability: the founding motivation of our Company.

In this journey, I have learned the most valuable life lesson; always listen to the needs of the client and persist until the client is satisfied. It has translated in and around our products and services similar to our four pillars.

This is our vision; to achieve true satisfaction by offering cost-efficient, reusable, recyclable, and sustainable solutions to our clients; be it an individual, a group, an industry, a nation, or nations around the globe.

Our product inspires sustainability, reusability, recyclability and cost-efficiency.



With me, stands my resilient, persistent, and garden-behind -the-dumpster-minded team. They are the strength of this company and they are the doer, the enabler, and the deliverer of our mission and vision to you.